B.Norvell Enterprise

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About Us

Our Commitment

Bridget Norvell Enterprises is business owners, human
resources directors, program managers, Pastors, presidents or CEOs with 5 to 500 clients who want to increase personal productivity. Specifically, we specialize in consulting with those who have a desire to better understand themselves in order to have a better grasp on where their lives are headed. With this improved knowledge of self comes a better understanding of fellow co-workers, family and friends, and better cooperation. We are experts at developing the leadership that lies dormant within each and every one of us.

Consulting is a fast-paced, evolving industry. In response to this climate, Bridget Norvell Enterprises will offer other services, including facilitation and training of trainers, in the future. The intention is to provide practical information which is necessary to fulfill the basic needs of the human race; to put people on the right track to becoming all that they were born to be. This new knowledge of one's self worth affects all of our relationships, from the boardroom to the bedroom; BNorvell Enterprise is here to coach you to your destiny.  


Location and Contact: Houston, Texas · Ph: 407-494-3411 · Contact@bnorvellenterprises.org

Who We Are

Bridget Norvell Enterprises provides consulting services to individuals, and small- to- medium-sized companies and Churches. Our services include individual transformation series to organizing and marketing events; from small local events
to national seminars and international conferences.

Our mission is to provide
services designed to transform individuals for their purpose as leaders to empower entire communities.