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Changing You From the Inside Out was designed with the purpose of meeting the needs of the whole person; this program helps people take control of the internal turmoil that keeps them from putting their best foot forward.  The intention is to provide practical information which is necessary to fulfill the basic needs of the human race; to put people on the right track to becoming the jewel that they were born to be; which could be hidden beneath the wrong attitude, clothing or appearance.

The program’s foundation has been influenced greatly by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory and the personal life experiences of its creator Bridget Norvell.  Bridget is the kind of person that always notices every person that comes into the room.  She has a gift to recognize where a person is (so to speak) in their life.  She recognizes if they are hiding behind a deep hurt, rejection, false pride, bitterness, and many other life cancers.  As a result, she has a great passion to see people healed and made whole.  She works tirelessly studying, mentoring, and providing resources to people who come across her path.  Developing the Changing You From the Inside Out program was the natural progression of her work and brings great success to its participants. 



This component of the program will help you identify how you feel about yourself. The mental evaluation allows you to look  within  yourself; putting  together  questions that  you  may  answer  during  this  time  of evaluation. It is a self help mentoring tools that will help identify the negative characteristic that have accumulated throughout the years.Due to us coming out of a lot of things in our past, we don’t realize that baggage can reflect in our attitude and appearance.

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

― Albert Einstein


The physical change will allow you to evaluate your body type and structure; many times we see people who have on clothing that does not appeal to the actual body structure.  This change will allow you to lose weight, tone up and trim down the areas that are needed, it will also help you choose the right clothes that will enhance areas that need in enhancing and minimize areas that don’t.

.  You will notice as you change your physical appearance a lot of the hang ups you had about your self will eventually dissolve.

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