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Begin parenting from the inside out is a program that focus on relationship emphatic people thoughts and need. This is not your typical behavior management program but one that program teaches parent to be responsible for themselves.

Let us teach you how to

  1. Learn the stages of love… breaking generational cycles
  2. Moving from family Breakdown to Breakthrough
  3. Learn the six steps to problem solving
  4. Stop attracting what you don’t want to project
  • Raise your children's self-esteem and build their confidence your child’s behavior


This methods and techniques can be done in a workshop setting or private coaching.

Begin Parenting from the Inside out is design for daycares, churches, foster parents, community services leaders and more.

Pastor Bridget has a gift to recognize where a person is (so to speak) in their life. She recognizes if they are hiding behind a deep hurt, rejection, false pride, bitterness, and many other life cancers. As a result, she has a great passion to see people/parents healed and made whole.  She works tirelessly studying, mentoring, and providing resources to people who come across her path. She can help you create a plan to move your family from struggle to cooperation.

Contact us at 407-494-3411 or email us at Parenting@bnorvellenterprise.org  for more information. Is it time for you and your family build a better life?