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"Changed From The Inside Out" The Bridget Norvell Story 

Inspirational teacher and author Bridget Norvell releases her first transformational life-story tell-all:  Changed from the Inside Out”. This book was written to help release the battles in her mind; she knows there are many things men and women go through. For years people have been asking her to write her story; she felt It was impossible that one person had this many tragedies within their life and still able to write about it. Due to the fact that there are so many books out there, she felt her book was not going to make a difference. She felt it would just be another sad story where people would feel sorry for her, say ”Wow!” and just move on. But, by listing to the voice of God HE was the one that gave her the format.


Bridget Norvell is an entrepreneur, seasoned in the multimedia business; she has produced various marketing and political campaigns and hosted various radio and television platforms.  An ordained minister and chaplain, Pastor Bridget has studied under ministry heavy weights such as Prophets Cindy Trimm, Kimberly Daniels, Shirley Inniss, Mark Chirona and VW Jones.  She is a self-taught student of psychology and a certified trainer in the Breakthrough Parenting curriculum.    Her goal is to help people, but especially women, discover the secret to balancing the sometimes insurmountable challenges of life with the need to connect with the Creator. No matter how far one has wandered away from God, He is there when we finally realize we need to seek Him for the answers.  Once connected to our Creator, we begin to be transformed into our destiny – much like the process of the caterpillar that becomes the beautiful butterfly.


A novel written like a self-help story, designed to give encouraging insight not only to the reader, who may be dealing with the high and lows of life, but a detail and explicit look into the life of its inspiring author, Bridgett Norvell.  Every paragraph and sentence gives a transparent view of Ms. Norvell's non traditional, nonconforming and uncommon journey through life, leading up to her present day victory. This illustrative read takes its readers from the struggles of families with generational curses; to the ups and downs of failed relationships; and even the ever present health and emotional challenges Bridget faced. To sum it all up, this book offers a glimpse of God grace and mercy as He transforms a life through spiritual metamorphosis to a simply blessed butterfly, Changed from the Inside and Out .

Bishop Darrell Groomes


This one woman's journey takes us from a life spirally into the depths of darkness and despair to a place of strength and purpose. Her life is an  illustration of what God can do when we diligently and desperately seek Him. He alone can change us from the inside out.  

Ms. Hope Elliott, Community Leader

Changing you From the Inside Out”, has been one of the most eye opening stories that I have read which exemplifies the possibility of having a new life in spite of such a horrendous beginning of great trials and tribulations.  The book is highly engaging and can relate to audiences of many backgrounds.  The author, Bridgette Norvell exudes incredible strength that has helped to change the lives of many that have come across her path simply by changing the way one sees’ life, from the inside out.

Patricia Pelt, Educator


“You will be pulled into an unbelievable story of a child’s journey into womanhood.  Against all odds of neglect, physical and mental abuse, and a sense of worthlessness emerges a strong, victorious General in the Army of the Lord.  Bridget’s story eliminates all excuses for those who may have lost hope.”

Hi, Pastor Bridget,I started your book on Saturday and finished on Monday.The fact remains I could not put it down,loved it.I am blessed to have met u .It was like looking at myself in the mirror. This book is so uplifting,inspirational, we'll written and elegantly put.You have given me the hope I need to have faith in God and  myself. THANK YOU

Vera Jackson, Houston Texas


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